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We are the leading sms gateway provider in India to provide premium high priority sms gateway for Instant sms delivery. Sms Marketing made so easy.

Promotional SMS - Rs.11,000
(+18% G.S.T) Rs.12,980

Transactional SMS - Rs.12,000
(+18% G.S.T) Rs.14,160

  • Faster, Economic and Efficient
  • Easy to use interface
  • Send, thousands of SMS per second
  • Send SMS from your PC or Laptop - Anytime      Anywhere
  • Web-based platform for sending SMSs
  • Get delivery report, download in excel format
  • Very cost effective for advertising agencies

  1. Awesome Script! Fantastic product flexible I have been using a lot of different scripts over the years and this is by far the best one I have used. Great support and powerful script.

    • Thank you for your wonderful support for being with me throughout the process of installation. This script has a good design quality.

  2. They are best script writers so far i have seen...

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